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Why should you create a video abstract?

by | Mar 20, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Have you participated in any university research symposium?

Have you participated in any annual scientific conference, i.e. Computer, Chemical or Ceramic engineering?

Have you already graduated with a Thesis?

Or have you read a book recently?

If you check any of the above as ‘yes’, you should better be considering for abstract videos (if you have no idea what a video abstract is, please read this article). It’s understood that the nature of the video is to address the key points. Overwhelmingly enough, you would be questioning what the point of doing a video abstract when a written format that exists already.

Lights, camera, experiment. Why video abstracts are here to stay. – Scott McManus

Here is why:

According to psychologists and social media professionals, videos grab more attention than conventional form of paper text. Studies have found that even text use in a video lures more eyeball than the conventional form of paper text or digital text.

Do you know what IBM does when it comes to a movie trailer creation? They worked on the MORGAN movie trailer recently and used artificial intelligence. Read about their research on “Cognitive Movie Trailer” and get inspired to create an abstract video for your research.

Now, let’s talk a little about why the birth of a movie trailer happened or the reason behind it. Do you know another term called “Teaser”? Please don’t get confused between those two. Here is the funny story, when the concept of trailer came into existence, it was generally shown at the very end of the motion picture. That’s how the term “trailer” use was started, although that tradition did not last long and now that we are so familiar with what trailer is. The trailers we are showcased today are generally disseminated before the movie is launched.

Have you put any thought towards using video abstracts as movie trailers?

Why not? If movie trailers are produced to attract more audiences using noteworthy excerpts, sure does a video abstract. Your academic research video abstract should engage your peers and not only that general public will be more eager to learn about your research work in detail if the video abstract is full of rich content. Think it again. Once created a video abstract, it can be watched an unlimited number of times. Be it a job interview or a graduation party, it will always bring some value. Now let’s talk about the comparison again with the movie trailer and the importance of a video abstract.

It’s a Friday evening and you are planning for watching a movie after dinner. How do you pick one? Well, obviously, you will browse through all the trailers you have in collection and then decide which one is enticing your mood of the night, right?

It’s the same way, when going though so many research citations, or paper articles you will get the mood of reading one specific article when you find that abstract video is appealing than the other ones.

So, are you ready to create a video abstract for your conference paper now? Who is thinking of the thesis already?

Won’t be any easy to be honest but it’s essential to focus on the script of the video abstract.