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Why is a Video Abstract better than a Written Abstract?

by | Mar 21, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Wondering what’s in the Video Abstract that a Written Abstract can’t satiate?

Abstract Tube


In video, you have more freedom to explain (in real time) the unfathomable conundrums using raw lab experiment video clips, using animation 2D, or 3D format, graphs, charts and other conventional illustration formats in action.

If you want us to walk you through with a different approach, then this is how we could portray. According to several studies, visual information is easily construed by our brains compared to textual information and it is estimated that the visual information processing by our brain is 60,000 times faster than the textual format. Visual information is mostly referred to the graphs, charts, and images. When the visual information is put into motion, the human brain perceives that information better than just the visual information. In the case of text format, the human brain has to translate from letters to words to sentences and then make some meaning, if possible. Visual information makes interpretation easier than text format but still not up to the limit of a motion picture or video. This is because the story is inherent in a video but the brain has to connect all the graphs and images to form a story to grasp. In layman’s terms, a video is a ready-to-eat (RTE) food, you don’t need to source texts, images, effects, explanations and process those for certain time in your brain to interpret the subject.

According to internet marketing agencies, here are some reasons why the videos (of all categories) took over the internet by storm.

  • Videos have the power to convey more structured information than texts or images alone.
  • Engagement with the Audience is more potent when videos are played, from the brain’s conscious processing point of view. 
  • Videos invoke an action after the engagement is built. 
  • Everybody likes to consume nutrition-packed ready-to-eat foods. Well, videos do that job. 

We expect a significant uptick of video abstract use by the students, researchers and industry professionals in the forthcoming years.