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Why an abstract?

by | Mar 21, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

What is an abstract?

An abstract is a promo. Major keywords found in a larger work are promoted in an abstract. The rudimentary purpose of an abstract is to get found the whole work. Data repository organizations and librarians call it indexing. Other than indexing, an abstract helps create an indulgence for reading the full writing. An abstract should never be confused with a summary or a conclusion. Here is another way of defining an abstract. An abstract is a shortcut guide to assimilate the title of an article with an absolute use of keywords.

Abstract Keywords


Do you know that an abstract gets viewed significantly more than a full paper?

Here is the funny part. When excited for publication of a research paper, a research scholar puts more effort towards ‘introduction’, ‘materials & methods’, ‘results & discussion’ part. But from publishers’ point of view, none of those are as significantly important as ‘title’, ‘abstract’ and ‘keywords’. What an irony!

Where do you need an abstract?

1. Journal article

2. Conference paper & poster

3.Thesis & dissertation

4. Patent

5. Research proposal

6. Book

7. Documentary

Written Abstract Types:

As per the definition, an abstract is a concise display of power keywords used in a large written material. But based on the type of the written material, abstract format can vary. Word counts become important in abstract writing when a specific publication outlet requirement demands so for publication. It ranges from 200 to 300 words in general. Here are three most common abstract types found in different manuscripts or published materials.

1. Informative abstract

2. Descriptive abstract

3. Critical abstract

Want to sell your full article like hot cake?

Then, craft on your abstract.