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What’s the value of my thesis video abstract?

by | Mar 21, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Is my Thesis worth it?

This is a valuable question, a prospective student often asks before starting to write his or her thesis or sometimes even before getting admission in a school or college. This might sound absurd to a lot of people probably because nobody addressed it or answered it before. Always, it happens to be the case that writing a thesis is the university rule to formally graduate with a degree program. This comes to the pain-point when a student got the job offer already and there is no need of wasting time and energy with this boring task: writing thesis. There are other scenarios (e.g. struggling to find the topic or adviser or working on multiple topics with different interest) that also gives extra pain if it is to writing a thesis for the sake of graduating formally.

Now let’s zoom in further



Instead of preaching so many negatives, how about being a little positive here. Every little thing has its own value, it’s just that everybody seems to neglect it. If you are currently working on your thesis, you are probably honing your argument writing skills. You would develop the fighting skills with an argument followed by a counterargument with the right reasoning on both the sides. Not only that, you are also practicing how to bring an abstract thought into reality.

Now is the time to ask this question that if those skills will fetch any value in the near future. The answer is, yes, of course. If you are good at arguing effectively, this unnoticed skill will flourish on your communication skills, be it in business or personal life. If you have submitted your thesis for your undergraduate program, you may have acquired an invisible skill and can outperform other colleagues in any company.

Moving on to the actual title we started with, what the value of a thesis video abstract is. To address this, it’s better to point out one by one.

1. A complete thesis of more than 200 pages might not be read if the abstract version can be experienced beforehand. For storytelling visually, you would need the help of a video abstract. If a viewer finds your video abstract interesting or the information he/ she was looking for, could dive into reading the full thesis. If the video abstract is not appealing to the viewer, she would probably skip reading the full thesis, but at-least watch the video abstract to learn the story. Therefore, the number of views for your video abstract will always be higher than the number of full thesis reading.

2. The thesis you worked on in your college or university, you might forget sentence by sentence details after 1 or 2 years but if you have created a video abstract, you can remember that easily. You can even pass that to your kids or grand-kids and get awesome comments.

2. If your project is really interesting enough, anybody can cite your video for the literature review. This is another added-value, you probably never thought of.

3. If it is to monetize your video, that’s possible too. Every dollar value earned through your thesis video abstract does add up in the total value of creating the video abstract.

4. Your way of explaining in the video abstract might catch a potential employer’s attention. If this is the case, the good way of calculating the value of video abstract is by subtracting the expenses occurred during video production from the total salary of all the years worked in that company.

These are just a few points but there are so many other points to calculating the total value of your thesis abstract video. Take it as if you are throwing your graduation cap in the blue sky and you are receiving the cap back with something more valuable in it. Isn’t it cool?