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What is a Video Abstract?

by | Mar 20, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

A video abstract is a succinct and succulent way of presenting a detailed written publication in a motion picture format where audio visual effects come into play, and this makes video abstract more lively. Wrapping it up with an overview, key findings and conclusion in no more than 5 – 10 min will do an excellent job to reach a wider audience for your journal paper, conference paper/ poster, thesis or dissertation, patent, book and even scientific or educational documentary.

Let’s be brutal honest. Now, we are all on borrow time. Nobody would squander significant amount of time reading the whole paper if the abstract video does not appeal at the first glance.

Abstract Tube

The question most asked is that if there is any specific set of guidelines when it comes to creating an abstract video. Nothing strict as such but there are a couple of points to remember if you are creating a video abstract.

  1. Try to keep it short.
  2. Try to choose a formal/ simple background and keep the background noise or music level low.
  3. Write a good video script from your research work. Structuring with ‘WH’ questions will have a greater impact in the script, i.e. why is that research important, how did you come up with that experimental design, what are the key conclusions can be drawn from the results, what’s the future application etc.
  4. Introduce yourself and your collaborators and acknowledge funding source, knowledge help, access to labs or codes from any individuals or institutions.
  5. Also mention if your work was previously presented in any conference or submitted in any journal or already published in any journal.
  6. You could edit your video with animation, images, graphs, whiteboard explanation, slideshow, small clip from lab experiment, in front of camera with formal outfit and background…….it’s up to your creativity.

These are some common no no in the abstract video:

  1. Do not use any copyrighted image/ video clip unless otherwise granted permission to use.
  2. Do not exceed the video length more than 10 min.
  3. Do not use copyrighted background song or music.

Examples of Video Abstracts in different Styles

Here are some links where the journals and publishers are encouraging video abstracts:


Thinking of creating a Movie Abstract? Anybody?

Why not being a little more creative, right? Well, in this paper, published in NATURE, they talk about the “Gollum” character. How many of you have not yet seen “The Hobbit trilogy: The Desolation of Smaug” before? If not, you should. Here is the video where you can watch where they discussed about the technology and behind the scenes of “Gollum”.

Let your research data talk to the people

Having the research done in the lab with all the data collected but not delivering it out of your lab is like the research never happened. Please give some voice to your data. Let your data explain by itself as you organize it well enough.