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What is a video abstract of literature review?

by | Mar 21, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

If you are about to start writing on your thesis or dissertation, you probably would be spending some time on literature review. As the students who graduated, always say that this is the most painstaking task.

In short, a literature review is a thorough rundown where an in-depth finding of the existing knowledge of a chosen topic is aggregated from previous publications. There’s some specific format followed for literature review writing where screening, synthesizing and skillfully presenting are the main traits. The style of literature review varies from one discipline to another. Have you heard of any video abstract made from literature reviews before? One might find these two terms abstract and literature review; they are so contradicting each other, is it not? If video abstracts for literature review of particular topics were created, so many topics could have been covered by watching a couple of small videos. Good thing is that a small number of professors started this practice of video abstract creation for literature review of a certain number of papers. The idea they started with is that it helps students to summarize the reading from all the papers and the findings from them with visual explanation.

Abstract Tube


Why is the video creation for literature review gaining popularity among graduate students?

Literature review presentation sometimes takes place in ‘seminar’ class in any graduate degree program in most schools. In weekly or bi-weekly meetings with advisers, graduate students are required to present their new ideas based on the literature review on any particular topic. This review process of scrutinizing each and every literature from articles, books, thesis, and conferences is not simply summarizing the main topic of interest but to critically analyze how those finding will fit into the new perspective of conducting the current experiment.

This is a good habit of getting into preparing a video to explain the need for a new proposal and how it could have been carried out in retrospect.