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What is a thesis or dissertation abstract video?

by | Mar 20, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Let’s get started with the very basic question. What’s an abstract?

It’s originally a Latin word “abstractus”. It came into the English Dictionary as ‘Abstract’, which literally means ‘drawn away’.

Therefore, the meaning of ‘abstract’ is a summary drawn away from an article/ research or speech or book and so forth.

What’s the purpose of an abstract?

The purpose of an abstract is to deliver the first impression of any larger work/ research in a concise format, so that the reader/ viewer could pursue reading the whole work.

Therefore, the content put together in the Abstract should engage the audience in a welcoming mood. It’s a daunting task when it comes to structure an abstract. Clarity of the topic plays a vital role in formatting an abstract. Apart from that, keywords, concision, and accuracy are not to be ignored, because they do carry enough importance in the overall abstract formation.

Types of Abstract

Based on the types of articles, an abstract can be of different types. An abstract for a case study is definitely different from an empirical study or a review or theoretical article. The types of an abstract can also be classified in different genres such as journal paper abstract, conference poster abstract, conference paper abstract, book abstract, patent abstract, graduate thesis and dissertation abstract. The rudimentary purpose of an Abstract in different genres remains the same.

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What’s the difference between a written abstract and an abstract in motion picture format?

The main difference lies in the presentation style.

The written abstract has some standard rules to structure the abstract. Generally, it starts with a purpose or problem, then a methodology is required to solve the problem. Next, important findings are to be pointed out or highlighted and a conclusion puts a finish line connecting the key findings with the purpose stated at the very first.

But, in the case of video abstract design, the exact same written abstract needs to be constructed in a different fashion. Because just reading an abstract in front of camera does not impart any extra attention. Therefore, script writing has to be done in such a way that the same written material can convey a clear message. Think of it as pitching an idea to a targeted audience, be it for business purposes or academic purposes. BTW, have any of you pitched your graduate work for any Startup-Pitch-Night?

Abstract Tube


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Thesis or Dissertation Abstract Video

A thesis or dissertation is ineludible if you are graduating with a research project for your Master’s or PhD program. Every thesis or dissertation comes with a public abstract and a scientific or academic abstract. The public abstract is meant to deliver not-in-depth summary of your research for the general public, therefore, the choice of words and the way of writing should be placed as simple as possible. On the other hand, academic abstract is tailored to the scientific or academic community.

Now the question is, which abstract to pick from when creating a thesis abstract video, right? There’s no definitive answer to that but it is advisable to focus on the public abstract but some points from the academic abstract can be added. The whole point of creating a video abstract is that it should represent your graduate research work in a palatable way, and don’t you miss out the key contents please!



Dissertation titled “Tapestry of Tears: An Autoethnography of Leadership, Personal Transformation, and Music Therapy in Humanitarian Aid in Bosnia Herzegovina” by Alpha M. Woodward.

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Video Abstract: Project InnerEye – Assistive AI for Cancer Treatment

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