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Video-Storytelling: From cooking recipes to showcasing research findings

by | Mar 20, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Hors d’oeuvre? Coup d’œil

Abstract Tube

Why is the cookbook for recipes coming with a yum video? Are those videos cool or there is a specific psychology behind it? Remember that Rat who used to dream always to be the perfekt chef in the gourmet restaurant? What’s her name again?

Anyways, as it turns out that cooking videos have become an addictive content in the internet, it’s not because all the viewers are interested to cook by themselves. There’s something more. After further digging, if you peruse profusely, you will find that cooking video viewership is higher where there is a spicy theme, digestible dialogues, impeccable production and short in size; ‘creamy content’ in general, you can say.

As psychologists pointed out that good story-telling is an exodus of stories where the importance is depicted as to what would happen if the main character runs into trouble…and this is something kids pick up the most. Slowly introducing similar or opposite characters as to what will happen next to them…in every essence, the kids will be stimulated with different sort of emotions. That’s how the right engagement is built.

Story-telling is a vivid form of learning where the audience or viewer gets to participate into thought-exchange; in other words, provoking the audience into questioning and more importantly building engagement. THE Most important ingredient in storytelling is connecting your audience to the highest emotional level….or something beyond that!!!

Abstract Tube

Solve This: A Picture is worth 1000 words. For the same 1000-words-Abstract, how much will the video abstract be worth?

If 9 hours cooking, from preparation to getting ready to serve can be presented into a 5-min cooking video, why not creating the abstract video the same way? May be your research took whole 9 months, but still it’s possible to present that in 5 min video, right?

Now that, let’s say, you are done with the whole article writing or your thesis writing. And you are approaching to your parents, at the dinner table the question finally pops up, “you are now done with it! Yeah! Wahaha! So what is that actually, don’t go into much details, but tell us in simple terms. What is it?” If the food is really good, you won’t be able to take your spoon off your plate and start telling the story. But anyhow managing to take a single bite of the stuffed grape leaves, once you start with “you know what, a financial crash in 2020 is imminent. Period.” WHAT? WHY?…..So many ‘WH’ questions, you will end up receiving from around the table. That bold sentence “a financial crash in 2020 is imminent. Period.” invokes the audience to get an answer why? how? and so on. And this introduces the plot, tell us the whole story. Drafting the script for a journal or thesis video abstract is the same way, your job is to introduce the title in such a way that the readers or viewers will be prompted into asking why the heck you did that?

After building a certain amount of engagement with examples from the past and your current empirical data, don’t bore your audience too much. Bring something new, or else you might kill that excitement. If needed, you can go back and forth your title objective a couple more times. That’s okay as far as your audience has not lost any focus of your story, and start eating the food again! Moving forward, now let’s say you are pretty much about to conclude. Bring the last minute’s twist to your story, because at this point, as it would probably occur that everybody understood everything so nicely. But no, you can not complete the story so easily, articulation of your concluding remarks should ignite several corollary questions, as if you won’t let anybody finish their dinner smoothly but to ponder on your title and the new questions. Sorry, did not mean to screw the dinner though! Don’t follow Martin Scorsese but just only listen to what Matthew McConaughey had to say “your only responsibility is to put meat on the table”.

Abstract Tube

Trim the fat. Bring the good shape to the draft of your abstract video!