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Video Resume

by | Mar 21, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

What is a video resume?

A video resume is the visual illustration of the job seeker’s skills and talents which can not be interpreted by text based resumes only. A video resume alone won’t provide a complete inside view of the candidate’s profile but it is always helpful for the first impression. The style and structure of a video resume could vary based on the job sector and job type. Fashion, sales, design and media focused jobs could seek for creative video resumes than the other professional jobs.

Why is

the video resume gaining popularity over paper resume?

Job seekers are so tired of getting eliminated by applicant tracking system (ATS) software when submitting digital text based resume. Human resource department in most companies are putting more trust on artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) facilitated candidate profiling. But this makes the human resource department look more inhuman.

How many of the job seekers here use LinkedInCareerBuilder or Indeed? Do you know that all the employers use ATS for candidate search when they look for a potential candidate from these websites?

To stand out from this keyword-rich candidate profiling, the concept of video resume was born. In this medium, a talent acquisition specialist can visualize the emphasized keywords in your resume. A video resume can provide a picture of your core values, attributes, and attitudes before any interview. Just by having “character”, “integrity”, “passion”, “accountability”, “collaboration”, “humility” etc. keywords in the digital resume does not differentiate one candidate over the other. This is because every candidate pretty much would have similar keywords.

Video resume creation idea once got a public backlash because of candidate gender, age, color and race profiling. This statement is partly true but in an age of robotic profiling, video resume creation should not be easily ignored.

Tips to create a better video resume

  1. To impress the busy hiring managers, keep your your videos short. Try not to exceed one min time frame. But don’t force too many things by going faster, it could be irritating to watch the video. 
  2.  Don’t read through your resume line by line. Always remember that this video resume is the way of showcasing your skills instead of just writing them. Try to create a well-written script and practice it before recording for the video resume. When writing the script, it’s better to start with your name and the position your are looking for. Next you can include your past and current experience. Then write the script in a Q&A format such as, “what did you do special in your last position?”, “what makes you unique ?” etc. The style of script-writing is always a candidate’s way of doing it, there are no mandatory rules.   
  3. You don’t need to express yourself with a flamboyant display of attire. It’s advisable to keep your dress and look as professional as possible (not too photogenic). 
  4. Better video recording, editing and better presentation in front of the camera also gets special credit. It’s similar to how good you design your resume.  
  5. Don’t talk too much of your personal life but focus on the professional values that you can bring for the company. For the added punch,  a call-to-action sentence is a must. 

Examples of video resume