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Video Abstracts for Books

by | Mar 21, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

How many of you have that experience of picking pristine pieces of book abstracts? There was a time when it was probably a profession for some. Now no more.

Is it Possible to bring back that penchant for reading books?

Abstract Tube


You might come after us saying, what’s the point of reading books when the time invested in it does not generate cash. Well, we support your reasoning that when simply sitting behind the wheel is producing satisfactory income why to bother about reading a book. But, there are some obvious reasons why reading books should not be completely tuned out. Elijah Pierce put it this way, “Your Life Is a Book and Every Day Is a Page”, does that mean you will end up having all the copycat pages throughout the entire book? OMG, that’s bad. Isn’t it?

Apart from the reason we mentioned above, another biggest problem that’s diluting the interest of reading books is the internet. Other reasons include being swamped with work and an over-consumption of online feed material.

How about devising a solution for it?

Maybe, something needs to be changed. If you look at the statistics of the number of people reading books from 1992 to 2012, a decline in numbers is observed from 61% to 55% for adults and 59% to 52% for 18-24 year olds. But why? What did exactly trigger this decline? Could it be because of the rise of online book-selling in 1990 and then transforming a physical book into a digital book? Have you heard of that online bookstore called Cadabra, Inc. ? Started in 1994, now they go by the name . Anyways, instead of pointing fingers, let’s look for some potential solutions. At this point, you probably can’t reverse back the trend of media consumption. Let’s put the entire focus on the type of media consumption then. As it turns out that video is being treated as the primary form of media uptake. How about decoying the audience towards books using a video? Could it be done using a trailer-type video of the book summary?

Hey, let’s create a video abstract for that book then.

Could Book Reviews in Video Abstract format entice more attention towards reading the whole book?

As we started talking about the video abstracts for books, another follow-up question comes up in regard to that. Should video abstracts for books be produced from the book summary or the book review? Any idea? How about creating a book video abstract in both the formats. The authors could create a video abstract depicting the story from their viewpoint such as what motivated the authors to come up with that particular story, the journey of writing individual chapters, what moral the audience should take from reading the book etc. For the book reviewers to make a video abstract, it’s more than just summarizing the book. There should be a mixture of things- argument, opinion, and explanation. At the end, it’s not to forget to mention if the book is really worth the money and time.