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Video Abstract: right rhetoric reaches wider audience

by | Mar 21, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Journal reviewers start to get that astringent feeling when the right communication is not built at the very first glance at reading the manuscript. There is an underlying mismatch between the author and the reviewer when it comes to understanding the author’s objective of doing the research, modeling approach in conducting the experiment, data interpretation, coherency and transparency in writing.

Abstract Tube


Better explanation or better illustration makes one content outweighing the other. Every author wants to stand out from his or her peers when considering for publishing in an esteemed journal. Thus, every author tries different approaches to bring extra value in the manuscript. A good example of value-addition in research paper is the “abstract”. The change in abstract format in journal publications shows the transformation of a text-based abstract into a graphical abstract and recently a video abstract. The evolution of abstract formatting in the academic corpus is trying to solve the very basic need – understanding. Video is indeed changing the face of communication among millennial students and researchers. Video sharing sites such as ‘Youtube’, and ‘Vimeo’ gets more viewership of ‘hydrogen bonds in water explained’, ‘short selling explained’, ‘socialism explained’, ‘volcanoes, tectonic plates and earthquakes explained’, and ‘how an economy grows and why it crashes’ etc. This entails that perceiving visual information is easier than understanding from conventional textual or infographics only. The concept of video abstract submission in journal publication came into existence because of this newly created trend by the millennial generation. The journal review community in many cases is so dispersed that some reviewers have just a basic introductory knowledge in the field and not so familiar with in-depth topic. In that case, the explanation in video abstract format could click the broader spectrum of the research. Some naked data obtained from any experiment could also be presented in a video format for an article. Video abstract is helpful to summarize the whole article whereas small explainer videos are equally helpful to understand tiny details of the research. The medium of video abstract of a research paper pinpoints so vividly what to expect from reading the whole article. The most important point is that a video abstract allows the delivery of structured information (simple story-telling) using significantly less words. This gives the extra edge to easy understanding. To succeed with quality story-telling in video abstract, answering important questions needs to be prioritized than ranting on irrelevant subjects which have less value discussing. Unsurprisingly, anybody will lose attention if the video abstract gets so boring from the beginning.

Now this is your turn to create a video abstract to get appreciated by general public. There are many instances that a lot of good thesis and dissertation published every year from different institutions get unnoticed because of the less popularity of video abstract creation among students. A number of consulting firms in publishing industry also confirm that an article containing a video abstract gets more readership and that leads to more citations. The main reason they pointed out to explain the previous statement is based on the frequency of research paper publications per year.