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Video Abstract for Non-Native English Speakers

by | Mar 21, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

This is a question commonly asked by a lot of international students that video abstract creation is a hectic task for their theses. There are so many reasons they point out as to alleviate the pain of creating a video abstract. On the contrary, video abstract should be taken as the best medium to convey any long study in a short video format even without being present in front of a camera.

As a non-native English speaker if you are blaming your accent as the primary reason of not using your voice or appearing in front of camera, then there are other resources you can take enormous advantage of, such as different type of animation and professional voice over.

If you are blaming the English language as the main barrier of your video abstract creation, then this might relieve your headache. Organize and explain your study briefly and to the point in your own language and put English subtitle on the video and the magic will happen.

At the end of the day, the thing that matters the most is how much value you bring by creating the video abstract. If a fellow classmate thinks to note down some valuable points from the video to a businessman watching the video to gain some insights of a particular niche, you get a howling credit, no matter if you are from North Pole or South Pole.

Building more credit by virtue of better explanation could have not been possible if there were no option of creating a video abstract for journal publication or university thesis or dissertation submission. Not to mention that researchers and scholars in many non-native English speaking countries spend their own dollars to participate international conferences to present their posters or papers to establish their current research findings and future goals. It’s no doubt to refute that attending those conferences is a good experience of live-networking and knowledge sharing but the value of video abstract or explainer videos of preliminary research finding or observation from trial runs or hypothetical experimental design should not be taken raffishly.

If you take it more wisely, you will come to think that a big name Journal in English language will obliterate the chance of getting your research work published if a little flaw in sentence formation or grammar mistake is sensed somewhere in the manuscript. At this point you should be a little convinced that creation of a video abstract or explainer video of your research work should be easy to produce compared to hurting yourself with a minor grammar correction.

There’s another reason to take it seriously. Have you had that situation as a newbie scholar when you blame any particular journal publisher because of a good paper of yours got rejected whereas a big name author kept publishing iterative research of no added value? If this is what pinpoints your thought, you better be considering putting a foothold of video abstract preparation from now on. Video abstract creation should be the new gateway for research findings dissemination for non-native English speakers. Immaterial of your native language, clear and concise explanation is harder to keep one’s eyes off. With no more procrastination, let’s get started with a video abstract preparation today.