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Video Abstract for Conference Presentation

by | Mar 21, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

How many of you like to attend a conference to present your research findings and how many of you don’t?

If you prefer the latter one, this article is for you to glance through.

The simplest, we can put a conference, is a group meeting. In this gathering, an exchange of new discovery, ideas, information takes place among experts for different purposes such as academic, business, trade etc. To talk about the types of conference, yes, it could be classified into four categories namely symposium, workshop, seminar, and round-table.

Let’s take this scenario. You are invited in a conference to present your paper. It’s a 3-days workshop. Generally, the first day starts with a prelude, registration, presentation set-up etc. After registration in the conference, you would probably have that brochure with all the written abstracts submitted and the tentative schedule of those presentations. Hopefully, you won’t forget to keep the dinner and lunch tickets handy. You must have the ID-badge to access different rooms. If you take an errand, you will most likely end up amassing a lot of pamphlets from the stalls of the corporate vendors. These are the vendors from different enterprises to showcase their new product launch.

Abstract Tube


Video-Recording is mostly forbidden in any Conference.

Now let’s say, you met 20 vendors on the first day and have their leaflets collected. How many leaflets do you think you can collect and take home? If you are a regular conference goer, then how many total leaflets will you have on your desk by the end of the year? A lot, right? With the specific model and functionality of each instrument as described in the leaflet, how many will you be able to remember by the end of the year? The only thing you can do is to go through each and every leaflet to find out their websites.

Have you heard of a video abstract?

We have some previous blog posts where we talked about video abstracts. Instead of those hard copy abstract, what if you had video abstracts for all the leaflets? Wouldn’t it be cool to play a video abstract from a conference you attended 5 years ago, just to verify a similar abstract being presented in the conference you are currently attending? So, what do you think? Will you be willing to create a video abstract, next time you go to a conference to present your paper?

Abstract Tube


What if the vendors also come up with video abstracts for each of their product model and functionality? Wouldn’t it be easier to recollect? Also you can play those videos as many times as you want in your flight back home or even at your office desk.

Here are some examples of conferences where they adopted the practice of accepting video abstracts:

We have heard that a number of professors are getting creative to brand their research labs. What they are doing is, creating a video abstract showcasing the lab objective, funding, equipment, students, and publications they have. This sounds awesome, isn’t it?

Anyways, please let us know if you would be interested to create a video abstract for your conference or not. Write us in the comment section below.