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Reading, listening, and effectively communicating are the three out of ten, picked to the most sought soft skills when it comes to evaluate a student for a job after graduation. In other words, if a student learns something from reading a book, becomes of no importance, unless it is deliberately communicated to the peers. In looking for the answer for what might be the rudimentary cause of this undesirable problem of lacking soft skills, any undulant mind might put all the blame to the college and university degree programs. Again, that’s a complete folly. Rather, it’s up to the students to cling to those soft skills by putting discretionary hours into developing. With effort comes the ultimate outcome and there’s never been a shortcut by any use of software. It is, therefore, wise to cultivate and grow those skills with the ample pace of time. The other soft skills that are undoubtedly vital and to contemplate; those are namely, time management, motivation, creativity, critical-thinking, writing, leadership, and commitment.

As effective communication has become the number one in the priority list, what had made us so handicapped from fully mastering this skill? A lack of practice? Or the lack of desire, perhaps? Whichever the direction the right reasoning goes, a student would be crippled in his or her success to career building if verbal and written communication skill is recklessly ignored. Instead of running away from this worst kind of ignorance, one must overcome this fear with the desire to learn to communicate effectively and bringing it to daily practice.