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Reach More Readers: Create a Video Abstract

by | Mar 21, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Dear students & researchers,

Do any of you have a social media account in general, be it professional or unprofessional? If yes, then please continue reading. Also, social media giants have already confirmed that they cannot be destroyed in the forthcoming years.

As you can see that the genesis of the social media companies in the early 2000 led to the voracious consumption of information via community networking. Now in 2018, we have a significant number of social media companies where they have a specific niche to community engagement, from professional profile creation to private picture deletion. Another interesting fact is that written blogs over the years have been transformed into video-blogs. Recently, reputed dictionaries have even provided special space for those video-blogs as “vlog”. It’s really hard to believe that so many things have happened in a short period of time. We are not in an argument that it’s good or bad, rather we are focusing on the fact that some communities should not be left behind.

Abstract Tube

In this article, we are mostly targeting the student and research communities in universities; for-profit and non-profit research institutions. You probably have heard that tech moguls in Silicon Valley and across the country are good at blaming these organizations. That rebuke they address is due to the fact that total ROI from the university and government driven research is less than 1% (Association of University Technology Managers, AUTM)!!!

We are not here to support to one side over the other but to look at things in a different way. Have you heard of that sassy accounting term, “intangible asset”? What if university and government driven research findings could be used by SMEs to bring more shareholders value? Notable developed countries such as Singapore, Japan, Germany, and United Kingdom have put an enormous focus towards IP creation in university and government research institutions. Here is the link from UK intellectual property office where they are passing around awareness of IP in universities and colleges. The IP office in Singaporeprovides funding assistance for Intellectual Property. What we are trying to depict here is that the value of research, and innovation in universities are not undermined, rather it’s the opposite. But, then how come the ROI is so staggeringly less? Is that because the demand in the marketplace not properly understood? Or is it because SME companies don’t properly understand the value of the research and innovation that happen in universities? We don’t want you to be perturbed by so many things putting altogether but this is another familiar topic of interest in the research field “strategic disconnection between industry and academia”.

Abstract Tube

Now pointing towards the researchers, most of you, are probably following that outlandish path of presenting your research in journals and conferences. Have any of you thought of doing something creative when it comes to publishing your research article? None of the fundamentals have been changed but ways of branding and disseminating of scientific research have been improved, of late. Creation of video abstract has become a new norm of science-communication, where it is possible to alter two-dimensional textual and graphic content into three-dimensional dynamic visualization. Video abstract is considered as the trailer of your research paper. In 2014, a study by Spicer et al. indicates that a research paper with a video abstract is more likely to get a higher readership view and citation than a paper without a video abstract. Could it be because of the infiltration of the social media use in our daily life? Well, here is the good news. Science and research publishing companies have put thought towards this and started accepting the concept of video abstract creation. To propagate the key findings of any research material, a concise video abstract is now the new medium to reach a wider audience of your research paper. Here are a number of publishers where you can find the interest of creating video abstract for your next research publication: WileyElsevierTaylor & FrancisACS PublicationsCell PressNRC Research PressDove PressCopernicus Publications and more. WeShareScience have created a Pinterest-Theme video portal site where video abstracts are pinned from youtube. Does that mean the written abstract format will soon be obliterated? Sorry, we don’t know.

In our previous blog post, we brought the analogy of small recipe videos. Recipe bloggers create a 9-hours cooking into a small 5-10 min video detailing all the ingredients, preparation, cooking, serving time and step by step processes. At the end of the video, what they do is to ask you to visit their blog for full recipe. It’s no different in the case of your abstract video for your research paper or thesis or other works. The abstract video should be constructed in the similar fashion like the recipe videos and at the end, your job is to invite your peers to read the whole article from the publishers’ site.

Are you now enough convinced about the importance of creating a video abstract for your next research publication? Please comment us below.

Thank you!