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A research published well in a distinguished Journal but not equitably promoted could even end up getting not a single notice. Don’t simply just take it for granted that a research work promotion carries ultimately no value towards gaining momentum of higher citation building, because this infographic says it differently.  To the greater degree for this problem underlies the solution which is no other than a good wide circulation. A perfect example to explain with would be a great movie trailer that came out in “Youtube” but never was shared in the form of blog post writing, press release or social sharing. Forget even the ‘Trending’ section, if it could even get a single human view, would be the first doubt in any curious mind. It is therefore, should be a compulsory conduct to think of promoting research article for those practicing research publishing in journals.

Increase visibility of research work

Now that we have got to the point of putting much emphasis on research circulation, the second thought naturally comes as to what to disseminate exactly, right? It would not be of any help to somebody if just a mere title of the research is shared or just the published article link. Another set of materials creation would be demanded for the anchoring to any mind. Obviously this is something that calls for extra care. The supreme quality will only come out if the contents resonate with visual appeal with a small story attached to it. In discussing the type of content for fetching the maximum view, video abstract should be the best choice at the first place. Apart from that, graphical abstract, infographic, poster, meaningful dataset, image design or other artwork, all come with equal importance. Engagement is the heart of all these content creations and viewers should be reminded of the research work as the brainchild of this particular research group or an individual or institution.

Article Sharing

As we spent time talking about content creation in the previous paragraph, this insinuates another vital point, where to garner content information from. Answer, no other than your entire research paper with the help of right choice of picking the sentence, image or graph. If you are the individual who conducted the research might find it doing the same writing or content creation over and over again but from a branding manager standpoint, this content writing or content artwork is the ultimate reflection of all the pages of your research article. The right fashioning of the content within the context of the research paper is, undoubtedly, a challenging task with scrupulous attention to details. And truth be told the amount of time spent on this part is disproportionate to the actual need and this should never be looked down upon.

In the conclusion, it is therefore, with no excuse, to design crisp contents as the assimilation of the contents of the general public boils down to the materials being promoted as part of the broader enlightenment of the entire research.

Egyptian hieroglyphs

Remember why the Egyptians and Mesopotamians got started with pictographs before 3000 BC? Were they smarter than you? Hopefully, you won’t need any more reminding of the importance of the succinct content creation for your next research article promotion.