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Promote your Research Paper with a Video Abstract

by | Mar 21, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

How many of you have promoted your research paper in the form of poster, slideshow, or interview?

You toiled day and night on a paper and found so many interesting results. It’s complete now and ready to get published. You are so excited to share your research to the science community. How do you do that? Probably you will present your work in any relevant conference as a poster or slideshow format, right? At the maximum, you would go for a coffee-interview with your colleague. But why stopping there?

Abstract Tube


Do you know those poster, slideshow and interview formats are also popular in the movie promotion industry? There are a lot of other channels they use, such as press release, merchandising, franchising, advertising, talk-show, live-campaign etc. According to the movie promotion agencies, do you know what the statistically preferred movie promotion method is? It’s not even teaser, it’s the movie trailer.

Wondering why are we even bringing movie trailer comparison when we are talking about sophisticated research publication? Right? For one important reason.

To get your research viewed by the wider audience.

Have you counted the number of movies being made from different books? And do you know why? Because every book has a story to tell.

What’s the point of putting that hard work to get these results, if only a handful of people in your circle gets to know? We are not pointing it to anybody but suddenly it reminds of that old proverb, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Have you heard of the term video abstractbefore? The journal publishing industry probably coined it. And, hey, this is what the marketplace demands to build higher citation, and readership of your paper.

As we are comparing video abstract hands on hand with movie trailer, let’s take a deeper look at the movie trailer at first. “A great trailer is its own mini story”. We wrote another blog post in the past about video-storytelling . Hope everybody knows the average duration of any movie trailer (if you have watched a movie-trailer of 1-hour-long please let us know, we will really be eager to watch that). Now, what comes to mind when structuring the trailer? Remember? “ENGAGEMENT”. Yes, engagement is the vital part, and it hooks the audience with the best scenes, dialogues, action, music etc. Once the audience build-up is enough done, then you need to intensify the story. At the end, you will have to conclude in a way that your audience will be induced to watch the full movie. Because, that’s the whole point of doing this trailer, right? If you get a thumb-down in a trailer, then, oh boy, it’s a bummer!

Now, to connect this with the research paper video abstract, let’s look at the components of a paper. When you go through a ton of articles, what do you look for the most, remember? You turn to the pages with images, graphs, tables and then the discussion part, right? Once you feel like worth reading, then you start reading from the first page, isn’t it true? To write a mini-story about your research with the interesting graphs or images, you don’t need to bring all the details but to represent only the key findings. But yes, it has to tell a story. Now, you would probably say, OMG, who would do this extra work?

Worked so hard to bring that project into fruition, and now why not bringing that last minute’s pomposity?