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Make a Video Abstract: Get More Citations

by | Mar 21, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Who doesn’t like getting more citations? Is that you? Come on, you must be joking.

We mentioned in our previous blog that review articles tend to earn more citations than an original paper. You know why? Because review papers cite more papers than an original paper. In an article published in Nature, Zoë Corbyn pointed out that referencing more papers gives a citation-boost. If there are very less references available on a particular topic, what happens? Any thoughts? Some researchers say, that should be treated as the greatest opportunity to the highest citation building. Their explanation is that working on a topic early on will imbibe more credits as the first article released in a specific field. There is an ongoing debate that open access journals garner more citations than the paid ones. What do you think? Is that even true?

But, there is no doubt to admit that higher citation brings more value to an author as well as the journal publisher. The author gets more recognition in the scholarly world from grant writing to publishing the next paper in a reputed publisher. The journal publisher on the other hand gets to improve impact factor.

abstract tube


To gather more citations, social sharing is the alternative approach. When you share your published article in social media, you are just selling the title of your research. But how do you expect to have your research title resonated when your friends or followers are not actively working in the same field? In an article, Lee et al. brought an important finding that there is a negative relationship between the title and citation. Therefore, title alone does not do anything. It should be your job to do something to catch their attention, right? Think of something. May be a funny illustration or drawing an analogy that someone can easily relate to. Without these extra touch, nobody would have that appetite to read your research.

We wrote in a blog post that promoting your research by creating a video abstract changes the whole dynamic of dissemination. Why? Because it helps in understanding the topic better if produced in an appealing way. In any field of research, everybody is working on a special niche but to bring the complex inside details, there is a natural urge to visualize the subject. And that demand encourages a video abstract.

When the research article is not open access, but there is a video abstract coupled with some explainer videos in that article, what happens next? Do you know? That article also gets referenced if it is impeccably well-explained. Therefore, positioning a video abstract will do a better job in that case than just having a title and an apathetic abstract.

Let’s get set ready to create a video abstract to appease the audiences.