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What we naturally feel drawn to is to getting all the works published in high impact factor peer reviewed journals. But in getting to the point of a current research completely explored, so many small findings are inadvertently made and in many cases, those are left aside from being considered to be published within the scope of the article submission guidelines. This is the case happens to almost all the researchers as they run into unanticipated discoveries. An erroneous approach is in the consideration of the side or corollary findings as deemed not so important. Calling a research finding important or not important comes mainly if a specific bias is involved.

On the contrary, it becomes a special interest of the researcher to not publish works that are half way done or in the process of further exploration. With this viewpoint in mind, publishing of so many small discoveries in the process of meeting a larger objective is voluntarily called off. Another aspect of it is that a bigger project is coordinated by so many different researchers under the canopy of one or more funding organization/agency and bringing those small findings discovered by an individual researcher carries no urge to moving forward.

To jettison or not to jettison a significant portion of graphs, tables, and images is grounded on the scope of the journal publishing guidelines but while doing the extra promotion of the published work, a researcher should bring those unpublished graphs, tables, and images for the greater in depth understanding. When a peer in the same field of research is on the lookout for literature reviews, those side works published from the promotion along with the published work would be of enormous help.It is therefore, publishing the other supplementary materials outside of the scope of journal publishing should never be despised.

To establish the connection with the loss in value of unpublished works, one has to depict the benefits of the publishing of the unpublished works if were made. If there is no much use necessitated by those unpublished works, it could easily be termed as not so valuable. Although no research work gets too old to be worth carrying out in the pursuit of another discovery.

lets not go into the same rut