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Let’s not have a graduate work going into oblivion

by | Mar 21, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Much needed to have this discussion that the way we perceive information and get engaged, is not same as it was 30 years ago. Yet, we fall in the same age-old trap of submitting thesis and dissertation just before getting out of college or university. Has anyone put any thought towards that? There has to be a better way, right?

The next question reads, “what’s the point to do that?” To answer that, some time frame we should consider. Not that so many colleges and universities were around, nor the custom-made massive degree programs 30 years ago. Now, take a closer look, educated college graduates are found in every corner. Most of all the students submit undergraduate or graduate work in the form of thesis, dissertation or project report. Don’t you think it’s a massive pile of theses at the end of every year from a city or a state? Oh, no, it will be such a big number if you consider a whole country!

Could you please tell us your reading speed? Because 24 hours in a day is fixed for a long time, as far as we know. If you allow, could we ask another question? How long do you devote in reading every year? If the number comes big, we can surely tell, you must be that old grumpy person. No, no, we are talking about Generation Y or Z. It’s fine if you are that old grumpy person but all we can bet, is that you will never be able to finish reading all the pages in the theses submitted from all the colleges in your city, unless, your city has a meager number of colleges. Although, there are a plenty of online colleges, having no physical addresses required. One prescient person put it this way, “it will take several thousands of years to read all the theses line by line as there’s no ending”.

So, what’s important, juice or all the whole fruits and vegetables? Because biting, chewing and gulping will take significant amount of time, right? And that also it will be so hard to finish all the whole fruits and vegetables in a single sitting. If you are saying, how about just extracting the juice leaving the fiber and other stuff behind. That’s alright but, remember, fiber is also important, not to be taken so casually. Your grandma must be saying to buy more celery, is it not true?

How to Extract Juice from a Thesis


If you are just sticking to the juice now, what’s the main reason? Do you have trouble digesting too much pulp these days? Or because body requires blood flow and thus you prefer just the juice. Let us get this straight; you are just going after micro and macro nutrients, right?

Oh God, are we lost here? Completely forgot, we started with a completely different topic, got a little hungry in the middle and started drinking juice. Let’s divert here and go back to the main topic of our discussion today. We were talking about the graduate work and how to devise down all the pages into a smaller size so that we can finish in one sitting. Actually, with this juice, now that we are having a brilliant idea. How about creating a “juice-like” stuff out of a thesis? Everybody likes juice, who doesn’t? Please don’t laugh, it’s no ludicrous idea. We are serious about it. Is it possible to put together all the micro and macro elements from the thesis in a video format? Let’s try.

Impossible is not a factIt’s an opinion.”

Still figuring out the right time to improvise? You should not be!