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What is an Explainer Video?

by | Mar 21, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

An explainer video is a short video to explain an idea or subject visually in motion picture format. Use of an explainer video has become a common practice in buying leads for a business product or service. Also it’s a new way of branding and educating about a product or service. A plethora of new products or businesses is launched everyday all over the world. An explainer video is always a savior to convey the business message the easiest way possible in a short period of time.

Why are explainer videos so popular?

  • Video engagement is higher for online users as opposed to reading texts, due to shorter attention span.
  • Video helps in easy understanding. Sometimes, no text or translation is required to understand a subject in an explainer video.
  • Explainer videos can be made at a low budget.
  • Above all, explainer videos do not require a real human or an expensive and tiring background setting.
Abstract Tube


Types of explainer videos

  • 2D Animation (illustration of 2-dimensional objects in motion picture format)
  • 3D Animation (illustration of 3-dimensional objects in motion picture format)
  • Whiteboard Animation (a visual storytelling on a whiteboard using a marker pen)
  • Kinetic typography (an animated video using texts put into action)
  • Infographic motion picture. (visual data, graphs and charts turning into a video format)
  • Screencast video (a recorded video using a webcam or computer screen or both)
  • Live action video (storytelling using small live action clips of real human, nature, and real activities such as running, singing, blossoming etc.)
  • Stop motion video (a sequence of a moving object captured one frame at a time)
  • Testimonial video (a video containing a real human/ customer giving reviews of a product)
  • Explainer medley (explainer video made using more than one specific format)

Common traits to create a compelling explainer video

  • Good storytelling (script).
  • Creative yet simple illustration.
  • Professional voice-overs.
  • Choice of animated characters of right niche.
  • Right background music.
  • Call-to-action.
  • Short in size. 

Examples of Different explainer videos