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Microblogging your research paper in the form of publishing video abstract is the latest style of research promotion. Infographic, graphical abstract or even a research poster is another medium of promoting your research work. To pique peers’ interest to pursue reading it in complete detail, an author must put the picture first. That’s how having a graphical abstract was introduced as a mandatory requirement in the publication of a full article in many reputed journals.

Well, here at Abstract Tube, we collectively believe that research findings should not only be limited to any particular format. With this ideal in mind, we are here in the mission to create a media-rich academic and research database full of video abstract, graphical abstract, conference poster, and visual illustration of thesis writing. Flawed findings should never be ridiculed or dismissed; moving a step forward, we are also into publishing failed experiments in image and video formats with as minimal description as possible. The most exciting part is the citation. Wouldn’t you be thrilled to see authors citing your failed experiments’ graphs in their literature reviews?

If you are doing the making of a video abstract, please keep it short to retain the maximum viewership. This is not because of a law being promulgated by any individual or institution but because of the very nature of our short-span of attention. If this is your first time in front of a camera, one can probably guess, the one of a kind terrifying experience you might have, with steeled fingers, legs trembling and throat contracted with a spasm of terror. But once you overcome this stage fear however, it will be a piece of cake for the rest of your career.

Don’t get easily seared by the rejection of your dream journal publication, we have all been there. We are here not to recite a cumbersome lecture but to ignite the inner exuberance of yours to make it become contagious, yes your research! Let’s get to work.